BEAR Magnet Campaign


The BEAR League is proud to announce the launch of a unique educational campaign
designed to remind residents and visitors at Lake Tahoe to lock up their trash and don’t feed the bears.
A partnership between the BEAR League, Sustain Tahoe, the Conservation Society of California
and an anonymous Foundation came together to create a simple magnetic sticker
for bear trash enclosures, vehicles and refrigerators with the important message
to lock the trash and not feed the bears.
The group has produced 25,000 magnets and will provide them, at no cost,
to anyone who will help get the message out.

“The BEAR League, and our partners, imagine a Tahoe where it’s abundantly obvious
to everyone who visits or lives here that the prevailing attitude is to respect and protect our wildlife.
We feel the magnets, displayed literally everywhere, will present the undeniable statement
that the vast majority of Tahoe’s residents will not tolerate apathetic trash management
or deliberate feeding of bears.
Those who disrespect and ignore these important ‘rules of forest etiquette’
will now realize they stand alone” said Ann Bryant, executive director of the League.

There are more than enough magnets to cover every bear enclosure and thousands
of STR units’ fridges and all vehicles whose drivers wish to help make the statement.
The goal is that no one comes to Tahoe or lives at Tahoe without constantly being reminded
---everywhere they go, and everyplace they look---that this is Wildlife Habitat
and we all must be serious about not feeding the bears.

Jacquie Chandler, Executive Director of Sustain Tahoe added,
“People travel to discover, connect and feel a part of the places they visit. When locals lead
by example on how to Walk Softly, Respect Wildlife and Share Gratitude...visitors follow.”

“We all want to do good, but sometimes we need a bold reminder. 
The Conservation Society of California-Oakland Zoo appreciates this effort by the BEAR League
to mitigate human-bear conflict with this thoughtful and accessible bear magnet to help
reinforce responsible human behaviors to ultimately protect both humans and bears alike.”
said Amy Gotliffe of the Conservation Society of California.

The magnets are available at several local businesses Basin-wide and the public
is encouraged to go pick theirs up and to help get them displayed.
The full list of locations is on the BEAR League’s website
or on their Facebook page.