Glenshire Elementary School

"Kids for Bears"
BEAR League Kids for Bears Memorial Wall - 2006

Kids for Bears logo

A partnership developed between the Glenshire Elementary School second graders and the BEAR League after the children began to study black bears and discovered that many people do not understand these animals and because of human misunderstandings bears were losing their lives. The children decided to use their own artwork in order to help educate the residents and visitors of Truckee about bears and how to share bear territory in a responsible manner.

The kids of Glenshire Elementary unveiled and dedicated the memorial wall they created at Donna Memorial State Park this summer. It was a touching ceremony as the children proudly removed the covering front the tile panels and then sang the wonderful song they had written just for the opportunity to express themselves about something they believe in.

Each child painted a ceramic tile, making a total of 82 plus their 'Kids for BEARS' logo, the BEAR League logo, our 'People Living in Harmony with Bears' and the tiles dedicating the wall to the bears who lost their lives before their time. Many teachers and parents helped as well as BEAR League members and we'd like to thank those who gave of their time and expertise to see this project through to completion.

We are extremely proud to be partners with the 'Kids for BEARS' and look forward to hearing what the second graders will decide to do next for the bears. Special thanks go to: Suzanne Samson, Claudia Waters, Sue Bower, Holly McGowan, Don Schmidt, Greg McWhinney, Laura Seligman, All the kids, and the Staff and Rangers at Donner Memorial State Park.

Kids for Bears UnveilingCeremony begins
The excitment builds, as the unveiling ceremony begins!
Unveiling the wallsThe Unveiling of the walls
The unveiling of the panels by the students of Glenshire Elementary School.
Panel 1 Panel 2 Panel 3
'Kids for BEARS' sponsors



The kids of Glenshire Elementary School presented this 'Kids for BEARS' Quilt
to the BEAR League
during the unveiling and dedication of the 'Kids for BEARS' Memorial Wall.

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