The BEAR League participates in many events
to help get the word out about how to co-exist
with our beautiful black bears in No. California

Shown below are a few of the outreach events that the
BEAR League has participated in over the years.
Marvin on the radio

Bear/animal talks

  Marvin is doing what he does best. Here he is at a local radio
  station advocating for the welfare of wildlife; specifically our
  wonderful black bears. 9-05.
petting Marvin the porcupine
Ann Bryant gives wildlife presentations at the Tahoe City library over the summer of 2005.
BEAR League bears BEAR League booth
BEAR League bears with Brian Wallace the Washoe Tribal Chairman -  League to Save Lake Tahoe Stewardship Days - 2005
Boy Scout Jam Boy Scout Jam
Boy Scout Jamboree
Fire Fest
       Bear League participating at the Fire Fest - 10-04
              Our booth at the Enviro Fair 6-03
Rescue Me event at the Folsom Zoo
Folsom Zoo Rescue Me Day
    Rescue Me Event at the Folsom Zoo: This event in Folsom brings together various groups that
       rescue and support a variety of animals. Our table was in front of the bear enclosure in 2003 & 2004.
Earth Day in Sacramento
So. Lake Tahoe Earth Day

Earth Day at Sacramento State University in 2002                                         South Lake Tahoe Earth Day 2001            
  Earth Day Celebrations: Every year the BEAR League participates in Earth Day events in many cities & towns.

Spring Creek Rally
Spring Creek Protest Rally

Earth Day at North Star
North Lake Tahoe ( North Star ) Earth Day 2003
Snow Dance Event

Snow Dance

To the left and above, are two photos from the 10-2000
Snow Dance. This event brought together many native
peoples for Dancing and Drumming, also featuring the
Mason Valley Wind Spirit Dancers.

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