BEAR League Response Team Training

BEAR League Response
Team Training
and Public
Bear Educational Lectures
with ‘Bear Man'
Steve Searles and Dr Lynn
Rogers, 'The Man Who
Walks with Bears'

Friday training
literature table

Lynn and Ann
Dr. Lynn Rogers and Ann Bryant

Cheryl and Steve
Cheryl Millham and Steve Searles

Ann and Lt. Lovell
Ann Bryant and Lt. Les Lovell

Steve and Louis members Lynn at podium
photos for volunteers

We are very pleased and honored that the Bear Response Team Training was so well received.
We are only sorry that we did not have room for all the people that called to register the last weeks before the training.
We now have 200 trained, dedicated people in the areas around Lake Tahoe and Truckee to be able to quickly respond
every time we are called, and as we grow, we are relied upon more and more by the public and law enforcement agencies.

The particulars were:
Friday, April 8, was an Evening with Lynn Rogers,
The Man Who Walks with Bears, at Caesars Tahoe
A slide show/lecture featuring Dr Lynn Rogers; author, bear biologist,
Animal Planet and Discovery Channel film star, bear communication expert
and friend of the BEAR League.

This presentation was brought to you by the BEAR League
and Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care. Tickets were only $5.
* Click for Information about Dr. Rogers *

Saturday, April 9 was Bear Response Team Training,
8:30am-5:00pm at the Resort at Squaw Creek, Squaw Valley

This was the all day training class which is mandatory for our new volunteers and highly recommended for our volunteers
who are already trained and on a response team. An incredible amount of new and important information was shared
and we are certain that any of you who thought you ‘knew it all' were very grateful that we pushed you to join us for this event.
The day was broken up into lectures with our
Speakers:  Dr. Lynn Rogers, Steve Searles, Cheryl Millham,
Lieutenant Les Lovell (El Dorado Sheriff's Office) and Ann Bryant.

A wonderful buffet lunch was included and there was plenty of coffee and snack breaks.
There was time for questions and answers after teaching the basics on: Bear behavior and communication, BEAR League protocol for going on a bear call, dealing with the public (who oftentimes are not pleased with something a bear has done),
how best to assist law enforcement personnel when a bear is present, how to successfully ‘encourage'
a bear to move out from under someone's house or deck, how to read bear signs to determine ‘what happened'
and then what to do about it...etc etc... the list goes on. Our goal was to pack enough information into your open minds
so you feel prepared to help us help the bears by going on bear calls and by educating the public in the myriad of ways we do that. Dinner at the Resort at Squaw Creek was another great meal and we celebrated Lynn Rogers' birthday too!

Saturday, April 9 was an Evening with Lynn Rogers,
'The Man who Walks with Bears' at the Resort at Squaw Creek, Squaw Valley.

Dr. Rogers repeated for the North Shore communities his slide show and presentation.
Tickets were only $5 and Bear Response Team Training attendees were not charged.
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