Great Bear Stories!

Once there was a little bear. He was thinking I am not brave and he decided
to go out and be brave. And a big black bear came and he was afraid.
It was his mom so he found out and they ate.

Age 7
Bijou Community School, So. Lake Tahoe

It was just after the cold, harsh winter weather was over that a young bear,
named Jasper, awoke from his long nap.
He was still drowsy as he stretched and walked out of his resting place.
All of a sudden Jasper felt like he was being watched and as he turned around
he saw a lovely female bear that was about his age. He later found out her name was Holly J.
He was so surprised to see another bear.
He hadn't seen another bear in about a year ever since people started to build houses in the woods.
Jasper walked over to her not getting to close and she walked a bit closer then he would,
then they finally touched noses. Holly J sneezed and Jasper smiled.
They spent all day together, they ate together and even took a short nap close to each other.
Jasper and Holly J finally had found someone they could love and spend the rest of there lives together with.
A few months had passed and Holly J had four cubs. There was two girls and two boys.
The girls names where Clare and Fiona, The boys names where Adam and Eli.
One morning while the cubs played Jasper went out to find a nice spot to eat.
He had found a good spot but he did see another house being built so instead of looking for food
he knew he had to find a new place to move his family so he ran up a hill
and he found more bears the greeted him as Jasper explained he had a family,
the whole sloth (a group of bears), cheered and told Jasper to hurry back with his family.
Jasper had brought some food back to his family and told them the news, The cubs could hardly wait.
The next morning they started there journey to go to their new "family".
After a few hours of walking, they were swarmed by the new sloth and they finally knew that they where home.
Once the cubs grew up they had each found that special bear and each had a few cubs of their own.
And they all lived happily ever after.

Rena Green
Age 13

There was a bear named Sam. And her favorite food was a homeade ham that her granny made.
She loved things that rymed with her name, such as yam, Cam (her best friend), and lamb (not to eat).

She and Cam were roaming through the woods when they found the BEAR league.
Now they knew that if anything ever happend to a bear nearby even if it was mean
and especialy if it was a Black Bear to come back to the BEAR league.
So they went back to the forest and went to head bear Mr.Grizzly, and told him to call a bear meeting.
So when everyone got there Cam and Sam told their story about the BEAR league
and no bear not even the tiny cubs were not listening
but they didn't understand the story like most of the bears.

They were all aware and kept it in front of their minds and went home for the big festaval
for the BEAR league and gave Ann Bryant a new pair of sun glasses.
So the tiny cubs got their names from Ann such as Mindy, Choc., Laylah, and White ring.
So all the people at the bear league and all the bears ate the feast
and no bear where the BEAR league was ever got into trouble
and when every bear died they were the guardian bear angels for the BEAR league.

Kaylee Adams
Age 9
Huntsville Elementry School, Madison, NC

Once on a late September day, there was a bear who was walking
through the forest. The leaves were crunching beneath his feet and
he could hear the birds singing all around him, but he could hear another noise too.
It was a sort of ...hum, in the distance. He walked down the hill to investigate.
He peered around the corner and what he saw startled him. It was a human child!
But this was no ordinary child, he could tell. It was a girl.
Her hair was the color of the midnight sky. Her eyes were the deepest color of blue.
She was humming a lively tune while working on a log. He couldn't quite tell
what she was doing, but the sign next to her said "Help the forest".

He could tell that she loved animals, because as he walked closer he saw she was
working on soap carvings of animals. As he got closer she looked up.
She didn't gasp or cry out like normal people do.
Instead she called out "Hello there".

He could understand her! Most people he couldn't.
He asked her "Why can I understand you?" She answered
"The animals have taught me their language."
The bear said "I'm lonely, will you be my friend?"
She replied "Of course! I'm friends to all the animals."
From that day forward she came everyday to laugh and play with the little bear.

Adia van Peborgh
Age 11
North Tahoe Middle School

Once upon a time there was 5 bears
and those bears always were called by the name of
Sam, Lisa, India, Anamalia and Indigo.
One day the three cubs India, Anamalia and Indigo
met two new friends, their names were Liberty and Azora.
One day after the 5 bears went on a walk they met a human person outside of their den. They ran inside the den and once the person walked away they came out to eat berries and to catch fish, then they saw that the person had left his computer outside of their den. They decided to watch a movie.

Amalia van Peborgh
Age 8
Kings Beach Elementary School

Once upon a time, there was one bear
and it was a cub bear.
And the cub bear said to his mommy
"when can I go out and fish
for my own food like you?"
And his mommy said "when you turn 6
you would be able to go out by yourself
and fish for food".

Adagio van Peborgh
Age 6
Kings Beach Elementary School

Thare was this bear and it got stuk and
he said save me, save me.
Then the girl saw the little bear stuk.
She ran to save him. She couldn't.
She ran to get a shuvel then dug him up.
He got out and the bear and
the girl were friends
Age 9
Mondovi Elementary School

I once saw a bear. in montana. heres the story:
we went to glacier park.
we saw these super fat piggy bank bears.
it was very funny.
the first one we saw was a piggy bank bear.
and it was still eating. it even had trouble walking.
it was funny

Lauren O'Rourke
Age 8
Heritage Elementary School

A baby bear is cute and a big bear is soft.  
I love bears because they are cool.
One day there was a big bear and
it wanted food
so it went to the beehive and
it scooped out a big handful of honey and
it went to the fish pond and
got three fish out of the water.  
He was a very full bear and
he went to sleep for the winter!

Savannah Eklund
Age 7
Lake Tahoe Environmental Science Magnet School

Mother bear and cubs
I saw a bear on a sledge,
he was hiding over a hedge,
he looked at me
with his sparkling eyes.
He ran in the river,
To find some fish,
But he had eaten them all alive!

Abbie Cope
Age 12
Hillcrest Secondary School

Once there was a family of bears.
They liked the West Shore of Lake Tahoe the best
because that was where all of their friends also lived.
One day they decided to go to one of the campgrounds nearby
to see if the people knew about what to do when a bear was around.
Like they already knew the people were not trained
about not feeding the bears.
The bears were smart though and they did not eat the food,
because they knew that it was bad for them
and that they would become dependent on the food
and not be able to survive by themselves.
The bears told the people that they needed to contact
the BEAR League to learn how to be smart about bears.
The bears knew that they had done their job for the day.

Janet Blanke
Age 15
Reno High School


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