Our Mission

The BEAR League is a completely volunteer, community based, not-for-profit organization in the Lake Tahoe Basin, Truckee and beyond,
committed to keeping bears safe
and wild in their natural habitat.

We believe that our guiding principle,
“People Living in Harmony with Bears”
is achievable as the public becomes educated as to the true gentle nature
of the Black Bear.

BEAR League logo 

In furtherance of this mission, the BEAR League engages in many activities.
The most noteworthy of these are:

     Education Above all else, what we do is attempt to teach the public about the true gentle nature of the black bear. In fact, education permeates every function we perform. The black bear is quite docile, with a natural instinct to flee rather than fight. Never has a single person been killed by a black bear in California, Nevada or Oregon.

     Aversion With teams of trained aversion specialists all around Lake Tahoe, the BEAR League works with local Law Enforcement, Animal Control and Fish and Game Officers to keep bears out of places they do not belong and educates them as to where they do belong.

     Response The BEAR League hotline (530) 525-PAWS, which is staffed 365 days a year 24 hours a day, is available to help anyone who has a problem with a bear. We will respond whether the bear is there or has gone or we are happy to coach people over the phone. The BEAR League is always ready to help put people at ease and help them prevent future problems.

     Community Involvement The BEAR League is a grass roots organization. Our strength comes from our extensive volunteer network. Operating autonomously and built at the community level, the BEAR League is ready to come together when a situation arises where we need to reinforce our goals.

  •  Policy Development The BEAR League works to make changes at the state and local levels where we see policies that are deleterious to the lives of bears and the cause of people and bears living in harmony. We also strive to be proactive in initiating programs that are based on our own research and common sense.